Why are we doing this?
To be consistent with our Mission Statement, Wilson School District has an obligation to prepare students for an ever-changing world, that sees technological advancements happening at a rapid rate. We believe that every student has a right to an education that prepares them for further education and/or future employment, and develops the skills that they must have as citizens of the 21st Century: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. As our district moved towards 1:1, we were striving to ensure that every student in every class had the opportunity to learn in an engaging environment reflective of the world that surrounds all of us.

What will this cost and who is paying for it?

A primary goal of the initiative is to create a 21st Century learning environment, in a fiscally responsible manner. Just as the district currently provides high quality textbooks and other instructional materials for students, the district will supply quality devices to meet the instructional demands of today's learners. Devices are instructional tools, and the district looked closely at the spending patterns on current instructional materials and supplies, in order to reallocate funds towards this initiative. 

Technology Insurance Fee - Students in Grades 6 - 12 only
NEW! One modification for this 2071-2018 year will be that student devices that are covered by insurance, will not be charged for the first incident in that school year. Please see the schedule below. All students in grades 6-12, except those who qualify for the National School Lunch Program, are asked to pay a $20.00 yearly technology insurance fee. Those students who qualify for the National School Lunch Program are asked to pay $10.00 yearly, and must be qualified for the program as of August 1st.
This fee can be paid using family access or by making a check made payable to the Wilson School District. All checks should have your child's name written on them and should be mailed to the building office attn: Building Technology Assistant . Families who choose to not purchase the insurance will be responsible for the full costs of repair or replacement for any damage incurred. The 2017-2018 Chromebook Repair Cost Schedule can be found here.  Please contact you student's building office for details.



The schedule of deductibles for damage, loss, or theft are outlined in the following table, as passed by the School Board. Fees are subject to change and will be evaluated and approved by the School Board.

If Wilson Chromebook insurance fee was purchased:

#incident needing non-warranty repair during the same school year

Amount of charge

First- Accidental


Second- Accidental

$50 or actual repair cost, whichever is lower

Three- Accidental

actual cost of replacement or repair

If Wilson Chromebook insurance was not purchased, non-warranty repairs will be charged as follows:

Broken screen, lcd


V.1 broken glass


Broken keyboard


Broken plastics, top hinge assembly or bottom


Motherboard damage due to drop, liquid, or other non-warranty cause


Wireless card damage


Misc. damage not listed above

actual cost of parts plus $30/hr bench time

Device replacement


A/C adapter replacement


Case replacement


For any damage determined to be misuse, neglect, intentional damage, or lost/stolen device, the cost is the actual cost of repair or replacement of device, currently $255 as of 8/1/2017 ($50 for Samsung device)
If a power adapter, case, or other accessories are damaged or lost, the parent/student is responsible for the full cost of replacement, currently $25 for the adapter and $15 for the case.

Families in the National School Lunch program will be responsible to pay the applicable charge for each covered incident as indicated above.

Will students be able to take the device home?

Students in grades 6-12 will be able to take their Chromebook home. The device will be checked out to the student and then will be collected at the end of the school year. We want the student to take the device home, as much of their class work will require the use of the device. If for any reason parents do not want the device at home, students may sign them in and out each day. Please call your building for details. 

I’m concerned about my student accessing inappropriate information on the Internet. What are you doing about that?

Wilson School District is in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and maintains a content filter and firewall for all Internet-enabled computers and equipment on and off the the district's network. In addition, the families may option for filtering in the home, such as Open DNS,  which allows every device in your home, sharing your Internet connection, to be protected. This optional filter also applies to Playstation, Wii, DS, Xbox, iPad, and even an iPhones on the wireless network. Here's more information about Open DNS,

Can a student bring in his/her own device?

All Wilson students will use the school issued Chromebook while in school. If students bring a multitude of devices that operate differently and do not have a common set of applications, it becomes very difficult for classroom teachers to plan lessons and manage workflow. In addition, one of the goals of going 1:1 is to ensure that all students have access to quality devices that give access to the Internet. Using school-issued devices allows us to ensure that our systems are optimized to meet the needs of the classroom. 

Do I need to have Internet service at home for this device to work?

Regardless of device, Internet access is becoming more and more integral to the educational process. Teachers and students are continually finding and using information, resources, tools, and programs on the Web to enhance the learning environment. While some projects and assignments do not require Internet access, the district understands how important it is to connect our students to the "net" so they do not fall into the digital divide of not having access to the Internet at home. 

Are there any low-cost Internet plans for our homes?

Comcast is currently offering an Internet Essentials plan for families that have students on the free and reduced lunch program. You can learn more here: http://www.internetessentials.com

What are the polices and procedures?

Will faculty or staff be able to access or control the webcam on the devices?

No. Faculty and staff will not have access to remote control the webcam in anyway, without the approval of the user. This would include times when students need help or are working collaboratively with an application.