Studies show that school districts with a student to computer ratio of 1:1, pronounced "one-to-one", out-perform districts that do not. Further research shows that performance outcomes are improved in districts with strong implementations.

Benefits of a 1:1 computer model are ubiquitous, 24/7 access to technology for students to extend learning beyond the traditional brick and mortar school, and prepare themselves for a career in the 21st-century workplace.

It is the goal of the Wilson School District to implement a successful 1:1 initiative which empowers teachers and students to harness the power of technology to collaborate, create, communicate and critically think to learn, and learn how to learn, in the 21st century. If you would like to watch a presentation that would further explain the vision of a 21st-century classroom in the Wilson School District, please our "Leadership Symposium" keynotes from March 2014. Also, please see our stated goals & rationale as well as the outcomes linked under the "Home" tab above for a deeper understanding of this initiative.