Southern Middle School Counseling Department

Wilson Southern School Counseling

Middle School is an exciting, but frustrating time for students as well as for their parents and teachers. Transition is the keyword. During their journey from childhood to adolescence, students are characterized by being very active, yet easily fatigued due to rapid physical growth; searching for their own identity, turning to their peers rather than to their parents for ideas and affirmation; extremely sensitive to comments from others; and relying heavily on friends to provide comfort, understanding and approval.


  • Work with students in groups and individually depending on the nature of the problem, issue, or topic.

  • Provide transition activities between elementary and middle school and middle school to high school.

  • Participate as members of school improvement and interdisciplinary teams.

  • Serve as consultants to teachers and parents by providing information regarding academic and emotional needs.

  • Serve as coordinator and manager of indirect services in the community to assist students.

  • Liaison between educational agencies and social services.

  • Provide meaningful career exploration activities.

  • Assist the parents in looking at the “whole” child, including educational, career, and person/social perspectives.


Together, school counselors, parents, teachers, administrators and community members during the elementary years set the tone for developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes for our children to become healthy, productive adults; during the middle school years can help focus students on the journey of transition; and during the high school years can help students receive accurate information, concrete experiences, and successful planning to take the steps necessary to become a productive and contributing member of society.

Mrs. Cammauf works with students with last names starting with A to L, grades six through eight.

Contact Mrs. Cammauf at (610) 670-0180 ext. 3751 or e-mail her at

Mrs. Kelly works with students with last names starting with M-Z, grades six through eight.

Contact Mrs. Kelly at (610) 670-0180 ext. 5139 or email her at