• Donald Wealand Celebration, Donald Wealand, October
  • Shiloh Hills: Art K-2, We Made Art, Let Us Show You!, Art Students, November
  • Wilson HS AP Art Studio, Art Students, March
  • Bulldog & Brushstrokes, Jeff Stumhofer, May
  • Wilson HS Alumni, Group Exhibition, October
  • As I See It, Eric Fowler, November
  • Local Flavor, Group Exhibition, December-January
  • Wilson SD Faculty, Group Exhibition, February
  • Wilson HS AP Art Studio, Art Students, March
  • Paleo Illustration: Jason Ward & Sheri Hansen, Jason Ward & Sheri Hansen, May
  • It's An Art Show Sunshine!: A Leonard Cote Celebration, Leonard Cote, November
  • A Mix Tape For You, Vol. 1, Andrew "The Wicks" Wick,  February
  • Let's Be Real: New Mixed Media Works by Matt Allyn Chapman, Matt Allyn Chapman, March
  • Wilson HS AP Art StudioArt Students, April
  • Telling Stories: Meet Joe Palumbo, The New Gallery Director, Joe Palumbo, May
  • Whitfield/Cornwall Terrace Student Art Show, January
  • Drawing & Printmaking, Allen Maderia, October
  • Wilson Faculty & Staff Photography Show, November
  • Paintings, Nettie Price, December-January
  • 8th Grade Elective Art Show, February
  • Wilson HS AP Art Studio, Art Students, March
  • Paintings, Rich Houck, April
  • Paintings, Veronica Papoiacu, May
  • Cindy Ardisson Walters, October
  • Nancy Wissinger & Allison W. Shannon, November
  • Wilson School District Faculty & Staff Art Show, December-January
  • Hilary, Mike & Joe Deighan, February
  • Wilson HS AP Art Studio, Art Students, March
  • Jimmy Maria, April
  • Jeremy Drey, May
  • Jeremy Bennett, October
  • Sharon Giles & Rachel Sholly, November
  • 6th Grade Art Show, February
  • Illustrations, Joe Palumbo, March
  • Wilson HS AP Art StudioArt Students, April
  • Agnes Kovacs, May
  • Leonard Cote, February
  • Athena Tasiopoulos, March
  • Wilson HS AP Art StudioArt Students, April
  • Julie Umbenhauer, May
  • Bill Morrissey,October
  • Dyla Morrissey, November
  • Area Photographers, December-January
  • The Disappearing Landscape, Gene Allen, February
  • Chris Leininger, March
  • Wilson HS AP Art StudioArt Students, April
  • Mark May, May
  • Welcome to my World: Deb Schlouch: Paintings, Prints & Sculpture, Deb Schlouch, October
  • Three-dimensional Creations, Jase Clark, November
  • Acrylic Paintings, Mick Scott, December-January
  • The Bingaman Boys: Andy, Seth & Jordan: Painting, Music & Video, February
  • Watercolor & Oil Paintings, Susan Goodling, March
  • Wilson HS AP Art StudioArt Students, April
  • The McGregor Family: Joyce, Stuart & Jaclyn: Various Media, May
  • Wilson School District Faculty & Staff, October
  • Three Guys: Chris Elliott, Time Patrizi & Larry Nallo: Watercolors & Woodcarvings, November
  • The Wissinger Family: Paul, Nancy & Allison: Mixed Media, Glass, Copper Etching on Silk & Paper, December-January
  • Watercolors, Sarah Gersbach, February
  • Contemporary Quilts, Theresa Fusco, March
  • Wilson HS AP Art StudioArt Students, April
  • Wilson HS 3rd Annual Alumni Exhibit, May
  • Wilson School District Art Faculty, October
  • Paintings & Photos, Lisa Libutti & Olivia Good, November
  • Photos & Mixed Media, Alan Shirk, December-January
  • Paintings, Daryl Szajek, February
  • Constructions, Michael Miller, March
  • Quilts & Blankets, Janice Petre, Susan Shanaman & Friends, April
  • Wilson HS Alumni Exhibit, May 
  • Quilts, Janice Petre, Beth Wardrop & Mary Bagenstose, October
  • Paintings, Leonard Cote, November
  • Paintings, Jeffery Jacob Stumhofer, December-January
  • Paintings, Winter Rusiloski, February
  • Watercolors, Harry Bentz, March
  • Paintings, John A. Dusko, April
  • Wilson HS Alumni Exhibit, May

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