Locker And Floor Plan

To view your child's Locker And School Floor Plan, follow these steps.  

NOTE: Not all school have this option.

  1. Click the “Student Profile” tab.
  2. Select Locker And Floor Plan from the Report drop-down list box.  
  3. If needed select the students name in the Student drop-down list box.

This page is to show where the students locker is and the lock combination if supplied.  As a student this page is also used to pick or change the locker assignment.

Parents View
    When a locker is assigned to a child the screen will state what locker and where it is, along with a floor plan of the school with the location of the locker highlighted.  Also if supplied, the lock combination
For example:

You have the option to click:
  1. the Zoom In button which will change the Floor Plan to a close up of the area where the assigned locker is.
  2. the Zoom Out button which will bring back the original Floor Plan image.
  3. the Print button  which will print out the assigned locker information, the floor plan and the zoomed in image of the assigned locker area.

Lock Combination
Notice the message "A lock combination has NOT yet been supplied."  The student has the responsibility to let the school know what their lock combination is.  If a combination has been supplied a message like this is shown instead:
                    "The lock combination is: "123-321-456".  

Student View - Pick a Locker
Students who access “Locker” functions in July, August or September will need to enter a six-character “captcha” code before they can access these functions:

The "captcha" code is used because locker selection so popular at the start of the school year that there are sometimes thousands of students repeatedly refreshing this screen to see if locker selection at their school is available yet.  This can generate so much demand that system response time degrades significantly.  Requiring a "captcha" code mitigates the problem by limiting the rate at which students can refresh the screen.

    After the "captcha" code has been entered correctly, a student a menu is displayed.

    If the student does not have a locker selected yet they will get this menu:
    The student is only allowed to do one thing at this point, and that is to pick a locker. 
    So the next screen asks the student to pick what part of the school they want there locker to be in.  A list of area's available are shown left of the map of the school.  The area picked in the list makes the map highlight the area on the map.
In this image area A is picked so area A on the map is highlighted.

    On this screen you can pick  which will show you a larger map of the school, but the larger map will not be interactive.
    You can pick  which will take you back one screen.

    To proceed, after picking the area of the school you want.  Select the 'GO' button.
    Now you will get the list of lockers you can pick from.
    One of the things you will notice is the line of dots and x's. Each x represents a space in the hallway you have selected which is not a locker.  Each dot (red, green and blue) represents a locker.
   The Green dots represent a locker that is open and can be selected.
    The Red dots represent lockers that have been picked already or are not available for you to pick.
    The Blue dots represent lockers not yet available to pick.

    Move your mouse over any dot of Locker icons and information about that locker will display beside the map.

    You will also notice the map of the hallway selected from the previous screen.  The colored area of the map shows which lockers are represented by the colored dots and x's.

    From this page you can: 
            Go back to change the area of school.
            Zoom Out, which will change the map to the school map again.  But you will stay on this page.
            Or you can pick a locker which is represented by a Green Dot.

    Pick a locker.
        When you pick a locker (a green dot) the dot changes to a check mark and a pop up window appears asking for confirmation.  It shows the locker information and you need to Confirm or Cancel.
    If you Cancel you return and the check mark is returned to a Green Dot.
    If you Confirm you have reserved a locker.  A confirmation page is shown.
    From here you can 'Print Map' which will give you a screen you can print out. The print out has the locker information, location and the map of the school.
    Selecting OK will take you back to the main menu:
    If you decide to change your locker you can select the 'Choose a Different Locker' option and select 'GO'.  Following the same steps above to pick another locker.  One difference is the locker you currently have assigned to you will show as a Black dot in the line of Locker Icons.

    Once a locker is selected then all the other options are available to select.
Enter My Lock Combination
        Selecting this option will give you this screen in which you simply enter your lock combination and click 'OK'.

    Selecting 'OK' will put you back on the menu screen.  Showing all the information (locker number, locker location and lock combination)  

View Confirmation Number and Floor Plan
    Selecting this option displays your locker number, date reserved and a confirmation number. For example: 

       The options:
          1.  Printing Confirmation: gives a new window with all the locker information ready to print.

           2.  Print Map: gives a new window with the above information and the maps of the school.
           3.  Back: simply takes you back to the menu.

View History
    Selecting this option give you a list of the history. Any locker selections and changes.
    For example: