Exporting a site - for back-up

posted Jan 27, 2010, 12:28 PM by Terry Korte   [ updated Mar 3, 2016, 8:32 AM ]
There is a Google API for backing up sites and attachments. I tried it with one of my larger sites and it hung up about half-way through.  With this small site it worked fine - it just keeps the basic text and attachments as output, and not the formatting, but as a basic backup, it's a start.  Google doesn't really encourage back-ups as they will keep your stuff forever.  However, it it makes you feel better to have a copy on a local drive somewhere, this might do the trick.
Here's a page of the site I started with:

I downloaded the executable Java application from Google (google-sites-liberation.jar), opened the application, then used the following settings:
  • You'll use your usual EPSB  password (which most of you don't have currently - you're using your network password). Send me a quick email and I'll set you up to test this.
  • Get the webspace name from your site URL.
  • Choose a place to save it (make a new folder first - as it will create a new folder for every page on the site.)
  • and hit "export".

It just exports the frame with the content, not the site navigation, gadgets, etc. (really, how could it?)   
Here is the result: