Jasper Place relies on 400+ student and staff volunteers on a yearly basis to make REB the success that it is year in and year out.  In volunteering, students will not only get to be a part of the single biggest and most well known event at Jasper Place - but they also get front row seats to all the action as well as guaranteed seats in highly regarded opening ceremonies!!!

If you'd like to be involved with REB 2018 - here is a list of our committee's and the lead teacher to contact!
  • Scorekeeping - Lauren Green/Randy Dewart
  • Security - Lee Hrycun
  • Media - Mike Wilkie
  • Clothing Sales - Elise Emmot
  • Opening Ceremonies - Chris Postle/Donovan Wright
  • Live Streaming - Donovan Wright
  • Concession - AJ Facendi
  • Ambassadors - Matt Burrows
  • Awards - Brad Galloway/Sid Brandsma
  • Ticket Sales - Nancy Davis
    For any additional information please contact Matt Burrows (matt.burrows@epsb.ca)