At Jasper Place High School, we care about your future.  Math programming at the high school level has made some major changes over the past couple of years.  More specifically, Alberta Education is encouraging students to make their choices for high school math courses based on the skills they need after high school.  Whether it's general information you need, or specific post-secondary pre-requisites, we hope the information on this site will be helpful.  Start your journey by reading the information below, and then use the site navigation bar on the left to further your research.

Information Disclaimer
We make every attempt to keep this information current.  However, we encourage you to use the post-secondary links provided from the navigation bar when doing your own due diligence.  And, remember, many post-secondary faculties (e.g. medicine, dentistry, some business faculties, etc) are NOT direct entry faculties (from high school) but may require high school calculus for enrollment.

The new Alberta Mathematics program includes 4 sequences (although most students choose one of 3).  At the grade 10 level, a student will choose between 10-3 and 10C.  At the grade 11 level, a student who passed 10C would now choose between 20-2 and 20-1.  These sequences are considered “academic” and lead to 30-2 and 30-1 which are both widely accepted at a number of post-secondary institutions.  A student in the 10-3, 20-3 and 30-3 sequence is more likely to have goals of entering the workforce or beginning apprenticeship with any of a number of trades following high school. 

The Alberta Education Program

 The following excerpts are directly from the Alberta Education website;

Mathematics 20-1à30-1 if I want to study mathematics or sciences at a university, college, or technical institute and go on to a related career.

Mathematics 20-1à30-1 is for students who plan to enter post-secondary programs such as engineering, mathematics, sciences, some business studies, or other programs that require advanced math skills. The sequence is a co-requisite for Mathematics 31 and may be required for post-secondary calculus courses.


Mathematics 20-2à30-2  if I want to attend a university, college, or technical institute after high school, but do not need calculus skills.

Mathematics 20-2à30-2 is for students wishing to study at the post-secondary level in diverse fields, including arts programs, civil engineering technology, medical technologies, and some apprenticeship programs. This path will fulfill most students' needs. Mathematics-2 is designed with a great deal of flexibility, so that the student can switch sequences in Grade 11 or Grade 12 if his or her interests change.

By these descriptions, it is clear that both the -1 and -2 sequences are academic.  Most students are selecting 20-1 --> 30-1  because they incorrectly relate it to the previous “Pure” math program. 

How to choose

 The following factors should be used in making your choice 

The graduation factor

Currently, a student in Alberta needs to earn credits in a 20-level math in order to graduate.  Coming out of Math 10C or 10-3, it is strongly recommended that a student select a course sequence that ensures a passing grade to earn those credits. 

The ability factor

Jasper Place High School requires a grade of 60% or higher in 10C to enroll in 20-1. Generally (with some exceptions)  a student should be at a level of 70% or higher in order achieve a similar grade between 10C and 20-1.  The same would hold true for Math 20-1 and 30-1.  The Math 20-2, 30-2 sequence is an academic program and achieving a higher grade at that level may be beneficial for post-secondary acceptance.   In other words, a higher grade in 30-2 is likely more beneficial than credits (but a lower grade) in 30-1 for many post-secondary programs. 

The content factor

The Math 20-1, 30-1 sequence is a pre-calculus sequence with topics primarily based on algebraic concepts.  Math 20-2 and 30-2 is a much broader study of mathematics content containing both algebraic and non-algebraic (e.g. statistics, reasoning, etc.) concepts.  Alberta Education recommends 20-1 and 30-1 for students who will be studying calculus in high school and university (i.e. taking Math 31 in high school, and at least one calculus course in university/college).

The post-secondary factor

 Often the primary reason a student is selecting the 20-1, 30-1 sequence over the 20-2, 30-2 sequence is because they want to keep “all doors open”.  The reality is that a higher grade in mathematics opens more doors than the sequence a student chooses if a math course will be used for admission.  Most colleges and universities accept Math 30-2 for many of their programs, and at an equal status to 30-1. 

The “changing sequence” factor

In this new program, a student can change sequences to 20-1 after completion of 20-2 or 30-1 after completion of 30-2.  So, the doors are always open and you are never locked into your initial program choice. 

Make the best choice for you!