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Dance Mat Typing
Gold standard in web 2.0 keyboarding.  No ads. No login required. Privacy by BBC so aside from cookies, nothing is being gathered. Includes tutorial and drill. Aimed at Div 2 level of skill and sense of humour.  The accent of the characters takes some getting used to but can be understood.

Straight forward drill program with the ability to customize the instruction.  Some advertisements, but not too in your face.  No login required so no privacy issue, though if you want to gather results you can create and manage student logins.  Available in English, Spanish and French as well as numerous other languages.  If the teacher is willing to customize the instruction this is a valuable drill tool.

Has a kids login feature with an acceptable privacy policy.  It is full of advertisments to the point of being in the way.  The interface is text heavy, more of a JH student level.  There are many other sites that fall into this lots-of-ads-and-login-required category

Typing Games Directory
This site has links to a number of free online typing games which give students a wide variety of drill using differnt gaming scenarios.

Typing Pal Online
An olnline version of a popular client side software, it is evident that this is a sideline for these guys. There are prompts to purchase the CD-Rom version and promises of  more features if you do so.  There does not appear to be a stated privacy policy in spite of the need to create a login.  There is some advertising in the 30-day trial version and the $9.95/student/month is pretty steep unless you only plan on keyboarding for 1 month.