Harry Ainlay R.A.P.
Registered Apprenticeship Program

Welcome to Harry Ainlay's 

Registered Apprenticeship Program

See "To Do List" links to the left to complete the following steps:

1. Complete the cover letter and resume section of MyBlueprint, download them and email them to Mr. Murray along with three references. 

2. If you have not completed HCS3000 you need to take the online course. 

3. Request a meeting with Mr. Murray where contact with parents is recommended. Complete the CTR1010 Application in the link to the left before the meeting.

4. If you do not already have a job in the trades, fill out the Careers Next Generation Application in the link to the left. You will have to get a reference from one of your teachers and meet with Mr. Murray to complete this application.

5. Once you have a position please fill in the Employer Information Form by clicking the link in the top left corner of the page. At this point Mr. Murray has to conduct a site inspection prior to the commencement of starting work at the placement.

6. After starting work the SIAMS application should be completed immediately in order to start logging hour.

Make sure that you keep your pay stubs, as Mr. Murray needs to have a scanned copy of them for proof of hours worked. At this point the employer will complete an evaluation of the employee for every 5 credit module (125 hours worked).

Mr. Murray
Journeyperson, M.Ed.
Harry Ainlay-Skill Centre
4350 111 St., Edmonton
Phone: 780.419.2700 Ext.2640
Cell Phone: 780.938.4476
Fax: 780.438.1465

Office Hours:
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Monday & Thursday from
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I am also available by appointment.