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Google Tasks

These replace Outlook tasks.  Unfortunately, these cannot be imported from Outlook and will have to be recreated.  Watch this short video about how to use Google Tasks, and refer to their documentation.  

If you need to be able to delegate tasks, have a look at the Astrid add-in for Google Mail (below).

Astrid Tasks (Chrome App & Extension, iOS and Android App)

Astrid is a to-do list / task manager that helps individuals and groups stay organized, get more done, and have fun in the process. At its core Astrid is a to-do list that helps you get stuff done. Astrid therefore makes it really easy create lists, add tasks, set priority, and set due dates and times. But Astrid is more than a personal todo list. Astrid makes it easy to ask for help, delegate and share lists. All your task details are private by default, but it is free and easy to share things with as many people as you want. Some of the features above and beyond the ordinary that we hope you will come to know and love: • Keyboard shortcuts: add, edit and navigate your todo list without using a mouse. • Email integration: email tasks to task@astrid.com to clear out your inbox • Daily digest emails: get a daily list of everything you have due that day, while seeing which of your friends are super productive and who could use your support

Read about Astrid Tasks App - and add it from here

Astrid Tasks - Features - description of the features of this product

Astrid Remind-Me Extension - adds an email to your Astrid To-Do list where you can assign it to someone else, set details, add links, etc.

Astrid iOS App - from the iTunes store