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Current Phase - Live on Google Apps: 

Full district Go-Live on Google Apps Mail on May 6, 2013. We have successfully migrated over 12000 staff members to Google Apps Mail, and we continue to refine and review our support materials.  We have moved all staff inbox mail and calendar data from Exchange to Google App Mail, Calendar and contacts. The project is currently on-schedule.


What has happened already?

  1. We have copied your email, calendars from Outlook so if you're already a Google Mail (Share) user, you will already see this email in your Share Mail.  

  1. We had disabled forwarding from Google Mail to Outlook (and anywhere else) until the end of the migration period (May 6th).  It has now been re-enabled. Keep in mind if you had been forwarding from Share to Outlook, you'll want to turn that off - under "General" settings in Google Mail.

  1. Beginning at 4 PM on Friday, May 3rd we :

    1. Renamed your Google Account from flast@share.epsb.ca to first.last@epsb.ca

    2. Began routing all new incoming mail to your Google Mail inbox

    3. Started moving all of your Outlook inbox, calendar, and contacts to your Google Mail inbox

  1. If you have a mobile device, you'll be able to access your EPSB mail using these instructions.

  2. All of the email from your Microsoft Outlook inbox, sent items, draft and trash have been migrated to EPS Google Mail for you.

What do EPS staff members need to do today?

  1. Do you know the basics? Staff are strongly encouraged to browse through some of the videos on this site and/or read Life after Outlook for an overview of the upcoming changes.
  2. Password updated?  Staff MUST update their password in StaffZone or in Windows (Instructions) if they haven't done so in the last 60 days  (This will ensure their password is sync’ed with EPS-Google Apps.) 
  3. "Other" Outlook Calendars - e.g. those in public folders such as "Room 201 booking" will still need to be recreated by whoever currently is responsible for that calendar.  Instructions are here.
  4. Migrate your Personal folders (*.PST's) on your own timeline (and only if desired). Instructions are here.   Keep in mind that most of the heavy lifting is done for you, and the part that staff are responsible for (migrating Personal Folders) can be done at any time after May 6th and the end of December.  Do NOT run the Personal Folder migration between Friday, May 3rd, and Monday, May 6th.  Your account is renamed as part of the process, and this will interrupt the migration. 
  5. Avoid running the PST Migration tool during regular school hours. If you don’t need to access your PST files in Google on May 6, please choose a date later in the week or month to migrate over the files.  Having thousands of staff simultaneously try to migrate the PST files on May 6 is not ideal and could potentially affect the speed of the network.
  6. Content in Public Folders will be dealt with on a case-by-case method.  If you have something you need that's in a public folder, you should create a copy, but you'll also continue to be able to access through Outlook until summer break.

  1. Go to GoingGoogle.espb.ca to get more information or to take the Google Mail Ninja quizzes if you think you have this all in the bag!