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Lost or Stolen Phones

Setup a mobile PIN (aka Passcode)

  • Your mobile device must have a PIN if you are accessing Edmonton Public Schools data within Google Apps
  • See instructions

Update your password on your mobile device

  • When you change your password for your District login ID, it will have an effect on your mobile devices that connect to the District's email and calendar services.
  • See instructions

Installing the Google App Device Policy app

  • Edmonton Public Schools requires all devices running the Android OS to install Google Apps Device Policy for Android. Failure to install this app could block your mail, calendar, and contacts from syncing with your mobile device.
  • See instructions

Sync your Mobile Device

Google Apps syncs with the four main types of mobile devices: iPhones, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. To view instructions on how to activate your device with Google Apps, choose your device below and follow the instructions.

iOSAndroidBlackBerryWindows Mobile

iOS Apps

Google Apps has several apps that can be added to the iPhone or iPad. You can then sign in (through StaffZone initially) and they'll stay signed in. Read more.