Moving to Google Mail - May 2013

I am excited to announce that Edmonton Public Schools has made the move to Google Apps for our e-Mail, Calendars and collaboration tools! We made the decision to transition from Microsoft Exchange & Outlook to Google Apps. EPS has been using Google Apps as a collaboration suite since 2008 and has been maintaining two email systems since that time. We follow the U of A, the City of Edmonton, and thousands of other school districts worldwide in moving Google's secure cloud for our day-to-day messaging, scheduling, and collaboration needs. District Technology's focus on innovation has transpired into the adoption of this new and proven technology. The future of technology will be built upon a scalable solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of our great staff. We wanted to put the right tools in your hands, so that you can concentrate on the things you do best, helping students learn to their full potential.

Glenn Johnson

Managing Director, District Technology
Edmonton Public Schools

Notes for staff - May 2013
  • Your email address won't change. If you do nothing, you can just start using Google Mail through StaffZone on May 6th - and all of your Outlook mail and your personal calendar will be there (Read more).
  • See the Project Timeline - and events starting on May 3rd that affect you!
  • You can move your Personal Folders on your own time (Instructions).  
  • Users receive 25 gigabytes of email storage—you will never have to see the message “Your mailbox is full” again!
  • Access to your email via the web (through StaffZone or SchoolZone) anywhere on any device (Set up your mobile device).
  • New features such as text, voice and video chat available in our emails to help improve how we communicate and collaborate.
  • Regular updates to functionality and features from Google. This means that we are running the latest and greatest version of Google Apps all the time!
  • Also see:  Google GuidesTimeline (& Early Adopters - March 20) and project plan