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As class projects move from paper and pencil to digital, teachers increasingly turn to video production as a form of student assessment.  But where do you house all these awesome films your students are creating? On YouTube!

Integrated with Google accounts, YouTube can provide everything needed to publish to the web. Your students must have a completed Cloud Permission form. See our Google Apps for Education for more information.

It is important to note that YouTube's Terms of Service state that no person under the age of 13 should be using its video upload / edit service. If your students are under 13, you should upload their videos to your own channel and playlists.

As of July 2015, BPS students do not have access to the Creator Studio's Video Editor while at school. 

Students (13yo and up) do have the ability to create their own channel and upload their videos to it.

Teacher Lesson Plans & Resources

How to Use YouTube Video Editor (8 minute video teaches you main steps of creating your first YouTube video.)

If you are using Blackboard Learn to flip/blend your classroom, you can record, post, and embed your YouTube videos directly in Blackboard Learn.
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More Resources For Teachers:

Blogs & Webpages Regarding Student Video Creation & YouTube. Many of these have links to student created videos.

FETC 2015 Presentations Regarding the Use of Video Creation & YouTube with Students. Many of these have links to student create videos.

Rubrics for Assessing Videos and More!