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Easiteach Next Generation

Key Features of Easiteach Next GenerationMy Easiteach - customize your version of Easiteach to suit your needs for each lesson. - open a link to the Easiteach website where you can get online support.
Main menu bar - the new main menu bar is designed to be as simple as possible and maximize your screen space.
Drawing menu/properties - all the drawing tools that you might need are linked into one tab, making it easy to access such tools as the secondary ribbon, which allows you to easily change the properties of whatever it is you have drawn, and will also contain some rich features.
Text menu/properties - similarly, all text tools, including some new features, have been consolidated into one toolbar, making it easy to remove words for cloze activities, show/hide the word wallet, and more.
Widget menu/properties - search for the most appropriate widget or plug-in using the keyword search or the subject filter.
Multimedia menu - search the web, your local machine or the Easiteach multimedia bank to find images, video clips or sound files to use on your Easiteach pages. Use a webcam or microphone to quickly capture a new image, video or sound file.
Language Arts tools - enliven ELA classes with tools such as cloze underline, remove punctuation and capitalization, and word builder cards
Math tools - make math class dynamic with tools including protractor, place value cards, number line maker, math symbols, and equation builder
Science tools - engage students with tools such as scientific calculator, interactive periodic table, and chart maker
Handwriting and shape recognition - draw shapes or write letters freehand and the program converts them into perfect shapes and letters
Media bank - over 5,000 curriculum-based resources, including over 70 videos, in the searchable and customizable multimedia bank
Over 150 ready-made lessons - correlated to state standards in ELA, math, science and social studies can be used as is or modified to suit particular classroom needs
Over 100 interactive Flash activities - with built-in assessments to provide educators with the feedback they need to monitor students' comprehension

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Jan 31, 2011, 10:16 AM