The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) supports and advances education through videoconferencing and other collaborative technologies. A nonprofit, CILC offers access to quality professional development and student educational content, as well as consulting and technical assistance. This helps schools leverage technology to improve educational outcomes, while saving time and money.

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Examples of CILC Content Providers

There are over 150 content providers with content aligned with State and National Standards.


"Plants" videoconference from the Center for Puppetry Arts 
 Ms. Neil's 3rd Grade Classroom at Gemini Elementary School

Brevard Public School teachers can order videoconferencing programs from the CILC website ( without cost.  Educational technology has pre-paid for programs so all a teacher needs to do is to find the program(s) that he or she wants and then contact their school's Technology Integrator.  They will schedule the videoconference and deliver and set up the equipment.