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Adobe Spark

  • NOTE: WHAT ARE THE STUDENT AGE CONSIDERATIONS?  Spark is being used to create videos the world over at every grade level in K-12 and in higher-education. As little or no typing is needed, younger children, even preschoolers, find Spark Video easy and accessible. Spark Pages are primarily used to share written stories, and so typing (and spelling) is required. As such, Page is better suited starting in Grades 4 or 5. Page is also used extensively in secondary school and in colleges. Spark Post is all about social media, and is thus intended for teachers or students old enough to have a social media presence. The Adobe Spark Page, Post, and Video iOS apps are rated 12+. While there is nothing in the apps that is inappropriate for younger children, we use that rating because we do not want younger students installing the apps themselves. Rather, we want teachers or parents to install and set up the apps, including creating the user account. Logins Adobe Spark requires an account and login. Logins are used to sync content across devices as well as to backup content to our cloud storage. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to create their own Adobe ID and so they will need to sign in with an account created by and supervised by a teacher or parent. Sign in with social media accounts is also supported.