These are in no particular order!
Keyboarding Zoo is a fun and educational activity to help early elementary age students learn the keyboard.
Key Seeker is an interactive learning tool to help students recognize the letters on the keyboard and use the correct hand to strike the key.
Site allows students to put the keys on the keyboard where they go.
Choose all keys or only letters and numbers. 
A HUGE collection of links to help young learners with keyboarding!
(Check out the literacy resources listed as well. Awesome sites to use with K-2 on the Chromebooks!)
Brown Bear Literacy Software 
This site has leveled activities covering technology topics, including keyboarding.

 An introduction to Touch Typing for ages 7-11. 12 lessons that introduce you to keyboarding basics.
  • Home row
  • Space bar
  • Upper and lower reaches
  • forward slash ( /)  the period (.)
  • Shift keys 
  • Capital letters
Typing Web  Complete Typing Program 
(need to register)
Complete Typing Program

A variety of typing games for kids to practice their typing skills 
  Sesame Street Keyboard-O-Rama
Press any letter on the keyboard and see what happens.  Students can explore or teachers can direct students to specific keys.

(Basic Practice)
Home row and Upper and Lower Reach Practice (Lessons 1-7) 
Free service that provides online typing lessons to students. Your students can sign-up and use the service individually or you can create and manage accounts for your students.
Typing Lesson Results