Lesson 2

What is Google Docs? 


1. Google Docs in Plain English

2. What is Google Docs Powerpoint


3. Collaboration

  • Google Docs — Students and faculty can share documents, spreadsheets and presentations online without the inconvenience of attachments
  • Google Sites — Student groups, classes or teams can create websites quickly to share documents, videos, calendars, charts and other information all in one place.
  • Google Video — Securely share videos of recorded classes, lectures, school events, and more.

4. Communication

  • Gmail- for Students ONLY — 6.5 gigs of email storage, excellent spam protection, and mobile access.
  • Google Calendar — Share personal, class schedules calendars.
Complete this form, refresh the page, and then scroll down and look at the spreadsheet of responses to see what ideas others are coming up with to use with documents. (You may have to use the side-to-side scroll bar to see all information.)

Lesson 2 - Google Apps Brainstorm!

Lesson 1 - Google Apps Brainstorm!