We’re interested in realizing the combined potential of mobile devices and digital tools in support of standards-based instruction. 

Who may apply?

Any BPS school who did not receive the Digital Classroom Plan award in 2015-2016.* Only one proposal will be accepted from each school. Up to seven Elementary Schools and up to eight secondary schools will receive ten classroom bundles each. A combination school (Junior/Senior High) may designate its proposal as either Middle or High.

*Charter schools receive a separate allocation and are not eligible to participate in the competitive application process.  Additionally, schools that previously received DCP technology bundles under the 2015-2016 plan may not submit a new application.  

We received the Digital Classroom Plan bundle award previously.  May we apply again?

You may apply again if you received the DCP bundle award in 2014-2015.  Schools who receive the grant award must wait at least a year before submitting a new application, so schools who received the bundle award in 2015-2016 are not eligible this year to apply**. 

**For the 2016-2017 school year, schools who received the award under the 2014-2015 plan may submit a new proposal.  Out of the 15 school awards this year, up to three schools who previously received the award in 2014-2015 may be selected as long as their proposal scores in the top 15 overall scored applications. The competitive process is subject to change based on updates to the state Digital Classroom Plan allocation from the Florida Department of Education. 

Are there conditions for accepting a DCP award?

Yes. Awardees will be expected to participate in professional development activities (online and face-to-face) and to satisfy all other progress monitoring/reporting requirements, including but not limited to, the TIM-O Data Collection Tool.  Additionally, as a prerequisite to being considered, schools must administer the Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey to their classroom teachers.  Awarded schools will be asked to provide a final deliverable product that highlights how the receipt of the Digital Classroom Plan has impacted teaching and learning in their school.  Schools who receive the award will be asked to send a representative team to present at BETC on May 26th, 2017.  There are additional terms for selected schools.

When is the proposal due?

The deadline is Thursday, November 3rd, 2016. All proposals must be submitted electronically by the deadline to be considered.

How will proposals be reviewed?

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee utilizing the attached DCP Scoring Rubric. Applicants should use the DCP Scoring Rubric and the district’s over-arching Digital Classroom Plan as a guide when preparing the proposal.

Is there training available to assist schools with writing their application?

This year, we are providing an optional training to assist schools with the writing process for the DCP.   Each school who is planning on submitting an application for the DCP  may send a team of two to the workshop.  Teams should register in ProGOE using the following information:

Title:      Digital Classroom Plan Technical Assistance Training

Date :   Tuesday, October 11th***

Time: 5:00 pm-7:00 pm

Course:  14492   Section:  395177

*** Due to weather conditions, the original class scheduled for Thursday, October 6th has been moved to Tuesday, October 11th from 5-7 at ESF in lab 914. All registrants from the October 6th class have been emailed about the change.

Who can we contact for assistance?

Questions related to the DCP should be directed to Pam Aulakh or any of our Technology Integrators. 

Application Procedures

We'll be collecting proposals using Google Classroom.  A brief description of the process has been illustrated in the screencast below.  The self-enrollment code is ccav8i8.