Resources for Marine Educators

Below is a collect of Teacher Resources for Marine Science Educators

 Resources for/from the Castro - Huber Textbook - Collected by Mark Friedman

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UNDATED 12/2016
 Chapter 1 - Science of Marine Biology
 Chapter 2 - The Sea Floor
 Chapter 3 - Chemical and Physical Features
 Chapter 4 - Basics of Biology
 Chapter 5 - Microbial World
 Chapter 6 - Multicellular Primary Producers
 Chapter 7 - Invertebrates
 Chapter 8 - Marine Fish and Invert vertebrates
 Chapter 9 - Marine Reptiles, Birds, & Mammals
 Chapter 10 - Intro to Marine Ecology
 Chapter 11 - Between the Tides   
 Chapter 12 - Estuaries
 Chapter 13 - Kelp Forests
 Chapter 14 - Coral Reefs
 Chapter 15 - Life Near the Surface 
 Chapter 16 - Ocean Depths
 Chapter 17 - Resources from the Sea
 Chapter 18 - Human Impact on the Marine Environment
 Chapter 19 - Ocean & Human Affairs
 Bio is Hard Song

Select from a list of short episode on natural history topics (mainly marine) see the compete list at Getting Salty with Cilsick 

Other Great Resources

 Related Websites of Interest
  • offers curriculum, activities, games, images and videos for grades K-6.  We also offer classroom visits with our shark crew via Skype. 

 Seaworld Selfie Project

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A list of Marine Science Apps

 LOL - Lab Out Loud
Google Docs Based Labs
Ryan Cilsick
 UV Beads and the Scientific Method
 Intro to the Scientific Method Lab
 Making Clouds Lab
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 Fortune Fish inquiry Lab
 Changing Density Inquiry Lab
Inquiry Lab - Determining the Density of Cubes Lab 
Density Sphere Lab 
 Thermohaline Circulation Lab
 Egg Osmosis Lab
 Gummy Creature Osmosis Lab
 E's and C's Random Sampling Lab
 Redfish Fisheries Lab
 Seagrass data mapping lab
 Capture/Recapture Lab
Random Sampling Lab
 Trophic Pyramid Activity
  Photosynthesis Lab
SAV Presentation 
SAV Lab template
Table 6-1
Table 6-2
Spreadhseet Template
Convection Currents Lab
 Inquiry Lab on Density of Crustal Material
 Mapping the Ocean Seafloor Lab
 Collecting Cosmogenous Particles
 Navigation Lab
 Surface Tension Lab
 Marine Conservation Movie Info
 Practicing Writing Procedures and listing Materials
The Epic Wave Project
 Energy and specific Heat Mega Lab
 Light in ocean lab
 Water Stratification Lab
 Tides and Moon Lab
 Shell Sorting 3D Visual 
 Sea grass Presentation Project
Mangrove Observation Lab 
 Macro Algae Chromatogrpahy Lab Format
 Macro Algae Chromatography Lab Instructions
 Seagrass Dichotomous Key
 Sponge Observation Lab
 Sponge Reaggregation Lab
 Clam Model Instructions
 Clam Dissection Images
 Removing Gastropod Radula Lab
 Squid Dissection Images
 Brine Shrimp Project
 Blue Crab Analyzing Data Lab
 Observing Barnacle Feeding Lab
 Seaworld Selfie Project

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