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I have been teaching at Edgewood since 2003.  I currently teach Honors Marine Science, Honors Biology, and Science Research.  In addition to teaching these subjects I am the Science Department Head, I co-sponsor the Energy Whiz Olympic teams, sponsor the Edgewood Engineering Club, and the sponsor of the Science National Honor Society.  Also a member of the Edgewood Senior Project Steering Team.

About Edgewood

At this “A” rated middle and high school, students share a common goal of high academic achievement. A faster-paced learning environment prepares students for college level studies. Students can take Accelerated, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment and Virtual School courses and work toward a Diploma of Distinction. This advanced diploma requires additional high school credits and an additional year of foreign language.

The academic curriculum meets all Florida Sunshine State standards in Math, Science, Foreign Language, Language Arts and Social Studies. With a student body numbering approximately 1000, students thrive in an environment with fewer students than most high schools.  This allows for more individualized instruction. Students work to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, good character and disciplined study habits for future success in life and postsecondary studies. Seniors are given an opportunity to develop a senior project that enables them to walk away from their high school experience with tangible evidence of a rigorous yet relevant curriculum.