Biology Class

 Welcome to Honors Biology,

Below you will find helpful information for my class.  Please check back from time to time, as I will be updating this page.

Biology I Honors
Textbook:  Biology, Miller and Levine
Room:  13-109
Class Supplies include:  Composition Notebook and Pencil/Pen

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 Flipping My Classroom Date to Watch 
How to create and add graphs to a lab report in Google Docs  
Penny Lab 
Heat Capacity  
Enzyme Lab  
 Greenhouse Effect Lab
 Random Sampling Lab
 Clam Dissection  
Crab Activity    
 Frog Dissection 

   Online Assignments
8/27  TED-ed Assignment 

Students who score a B or below are eligible to earn point on their test grade.  You must score an 85% or higher on the online test corrections.  You may use any resource to help  on the test corrections and you may take the test corrections as many times as you need to.  (BUT YOU MUST TRY EVERY TIME).  If you got a B on the test You can earn 5 points, and 10 points for a C,D, or F

When test corrects become available they will be announced through Google Classroom   


Organisms Structure and Function

 Beginning of School
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Extra Credit - Only Available AFTER teacher has discussed in class

Date Due   Assignment
 9/16 MakerFaire
 TBA  IRL Species ExCr
TBA   Making Glup
TBA  Kayak the IRL