Welcome to the BPS Flipping to Classroom website! We are excited to bring this concept to you and your students! Use this site to find links to resources, review the agenda and to share with others who have never tried flipping the classroom themselves!

Building a Google Site like this one for your students will be a good way to organize your lessons.  Learning to use Google Sites is not difficult! However, you can just continue to use Edline to link with YouTube. With our new YouTube integration, students will soon be able to view videos that you deem essential through your YouTube channel.

To access and activate your YouTube Channel log into Google Docs (you probably already are logged in to Google Docs since you got to this page!)

Next open a new tab on your browser and type in the url to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com 

Click to Sign in. Since you are already logged into your Google Docs account, it will automatically pick that up. Then you can go in and create your own channel and playlist, name them, and upload videos to your channel and playlists.

Click on the 'Step by Step' tab above to open the directions on how to do this.

Questions? Attend one of our Flipping the Classroom inservices, or contact me for more information!

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