What is CPALMS?

CPALMS is a state wide infrastructure project to build information systems and tools to support the implementation of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS). The project is led by the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FCR-STEM) at Florida State University (FSU). CPALMS is collaboration between K-12 teachers, researchers, the Florida Department of Education, universities, district curriculum specialists, and many others.

In order to effectively support the NGSSS, CPALMS is redesigning several key information systems and creating a framework for others to follow and integrate. The three main information systems are: Standards Information System, Course Information System and Standards-Based Resource Information System. The Standards Information System is the core of all components providing direct access and connection to the standards. By integrating these systems, CPALMS will:

  •    make the standards more practical by connecting them to courses. Since teachers teach courses and student register in courses, it is important that the course descriptions are aligned with the standards.
  •  make standards more achievable by providing high quality resources that are specifically aligned or created for the NGSSS.
  •  provide standards-based tools to create high quality courses, instructional resources, planning and professional development.
  • serve as "one source" for all standards-based information by utilizing the latest technologies such as Web 2.0, web services and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This infrastructure will enable creating new standards-based tools and applications without the need to replicate the information systems within CPALMS.