Grade 2 Physical Science

Big Idea 8:  Properties of Matter
SC.2.P.8.1:  Observe and measure objects in terms of their properties, including size, shape, color, temperature, weight, texture, sinking or floating in water, and attraction and repulsion of magnets.
SC.2.P.8.2:  Identify objects and materials as solid, liquid, or gas.
SC.2.P.8.3:  Recognize that solids have a definite shape and that liquids and gases take the shape of their container.
SC.2.P.8.4:  Observe and describe water in its solid, liquid, and gaseous states.
SC.2.P.8.5:  Measure and compare temperatures taken every day at the same time.
SC.2.P.8.6:  Measure and compare the volume of liquids using containers of various shapes and sizes.


Big Idea 9:  Changes in Matter
SC.2.P.9.1:  Investigate that materials can be altered to change some of their properties, but not all materials respond the same way to any one alteration.


Big Idea 10:  Forms of Energy
SC.2.P.10.1:  Discuss that people use electricity or other forms of energy to cook their food, cool or warm their homes, and power their cars.


Big Idea 13:  Forces and Changes in Motion
SC.2.P.13.1:  Investigate the effect of applying various pushes and pulls on different objects.
SC.2.P.13.2:  Demonstrate that magnets can be used to make some things move without touching them.
SC.2.P.13.3:  Recognize that objects are pulled toward the ground unless something holds them up.
  • Lesson:  Stomp Rockets

SC.2.P.13.4:  Demonstrate that the greater the force (push or pull) applied to an object, the greater the change in motion of the object.