Grade 2 Nature of Science

Lesson:   Observation Tubes (K-2)   (This lesson covers many of your Nature of Science Benchmarks, but not all of them. 

Big Idea 1:  The Practice of Science

SC.2.N.1.1:  Raise questions about the natural world, investigate them in teams through free exploration and systematic  observations, and generate appropriate explanations based on those explorations.

SC.2.N.1.2:  Compare the observations made by different groups using the same tools.
SC.2.N.1.3:  Ask "how do you know?" in appropriate situations and attempt reasonable answers when asked the same question by others.
SC.2.N.1.4:  Explain how particular scientific investigations should yield similar conclusions when repeated.
SC.2.N.1.5:  Distinguish between empirical observation (what you see, hear, feel, smell, or taste) and ideas or inferences (what you think).

SC.2.N.1.6:  Explain how scientists alone or in groups are always investigating new ways to solve problems.