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35714 SE 29th Street, Fall City, WA 98024 (509) 260-0037


"She underpromises and overdelivers, which as clients, is just what we want!" 


“I am accustomed to working with large firms in Seattle highrises, because I appreciate their sophistication and skill.  Coming from one of those firms, Traci provides the same caliber of service, but given she is based in Kittitas County, with low overhead, she bills at half the price.  It seems too good to be true, and almost offsets the general frustrations of trying to develop in Kittitas County!" 

"An attorney with an Ivy League education, legal sophstication, big firm credentials, and common sense is virtually unheard of outside of a large urban center.  Yet, Ms. Shallbetter has established a practice in Kittitas County.  I now have an attorney with the intellectual acumen, sophistication, and work ethic of the best attorneys in Seattle...at a Kittitas County price." 

“Traci is a star….Her work is excellent.  I was looking for an opportunity to work with Traci, because I had always heard that she is amazing---and those rumors are true.  She has great judgment.  She is thorough and accurate in her legal analysis.  She is also one of the most pleasant people I have ever worked with.” 

“There is no better attorney to work with.  She is diligent, takes every deadline seriously, and meets them all.” 

“She is terribly thorough and hard working, not easily satisfied with even her own high caliber work.”

“I can always count on Traci, not only to take a project when her time might be a little tight, but also to get it done when promised.” 

“Traci is awesome.  She is organized, dependable and responsive. [Her] work is uniformly excellent. She is exceedingly dependable and hardworking.  She is also a delight to work with.” 


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