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 The plays and poems of William Shakespeare published in Quarto.

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Shakespeare Quartos

Scholars differ widely in their views of the quartos as faithful versions of Shakespeare's  plays. Shakespeare probably would not have been involved in the printing of the quarto plays so we have no 'final draft' or authorised versions of the plays. Quarto editions are considered both as the texts most accurate to Shakespeare's time, compiled with probable use of working drafts, actors' remembrances of their performances and even plagerised versions by members of the audience, and as the least accurate of what Shakespeare actually wrote. Therefore their legitimacy is considered both wildly inaccurate as a final version and yet scholarly fascinating as a study of Shakespeare's process. Unlike the plays, Shakespeare's poems in Quarto form are considered to be solid, perhaps even edited by Shakespeare himself.


List of the plays and poems printed in Quarto editions

                                                                       Venus and Adonis       1593, 1594

                                                                  The Rape of Lucrece       1594

                                                                        Titus Andronicus       1594, 1600, 1611

                                                                             Henry VI Part 2       1594, 1600, 1619

                                                                             Henry VI Part 3       1595, 1600, 1619

                                                                        Romeo and Juliet       1597, 1599, 1609

                                                The Phoenix and the Turtle       1601, 1611

                                                                                          Richard II       1597, 1598, 1602, 1605, 1612, 1622

                                                                                         Richard III      1597, 1598, 1602, 1605, 1612, 1622

                                                                   Love's Labour's Lost      1598

                                                                                Henry IV Part 1      1598, 1599, 1604, 1608, 1613, 1622

                                                                               Henry IV Part 2      1600

                                                                                                 Henry V      1600, 1602, 1619

                                                          The Merchant of Venice       1600, 1619

                                               A Midsummer Night's Dream      1600, 1619

                                                        Much Ado About Nothing      1600

                                                 The Merry Wives of Windsor      1602, 1619

                                                                                                   Hamlet      1603, 1604, 1611

                                                                                               King Lear     1608, 1619

                            The Sonnets and A Lover's Complaint     1609

                                                                     Troilus and Cressida     1609

                                                                                                   Pericles      1609, 1611, 1619

                                                                                                    Othello      1622

                                                            The Two Noble Kinsmen     1634