Educational Games & Sites


Kindergarten - Second Grade 


  1. StarFall []        Reading and literacy website for K-2nd grade.
    1. ABC's []
    2. Learn to Read []      Zac the Rat and other tales
    3. It's Fun to Read! []     About Me, Art Gallery, Magic, and More!
    4. I'm Reading! []     Plays, Nonfiction, Comics and more
  2. Hangman []     Flash based hangman games.
    1. Hangman Dolch Words []
    2. Hangman Days of the Week []
  3. BBC Stories and Rhymes []    Collection of stories for kids in many different categories. 
  4. Harcourt Brace Spelling []
  5. Typing Tots []
  6. SoftSchools [] provides free math, grammar & phonics worksheets, games & quizzes organized by grades & topics.
  7. ABCya  []   Grade level lessons incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills.


  1. NCTM Illuminations []     Library of 102 online activities that help to make math come alive in the classroom or at home. preK-12
    1. Bobby Bear
    2. Concentration
    3. Ten Frames
    4. Turtle Pond
  2. ICT Games []     Educational math and literacy games linked to the English National Curriculum.
    1. Funky Mummy []
    2. Arrow Cards []
    3. Save the Whale []
  3. Oswego Math Magician []     See how many math problems you can solve in under 60 seconds to get a certificate!
    1. Addition [oswego]
    2. Subtraction [oswego]
  4. Cats in Line []     Ordinal numbers. You have to figure out what place in line the cats are in.
  5. Hit the Button! []     Click on different numbers in order to add up to a specific amount.
  6. Virtual Rekenrek
  7. H.I.P Pocket Change []     Various games and activities involving couting coins among other things.
  8. Math Arcade []     Various math arcade games from
  9. Asteroid Shooter []     Neat arcade game where you shoot asteroids in Space and solve math problems.
  10. Pattern Blocks []     Manipulative pattern blocks for creating shapes with.
  11. Math Games []
  12. Tessellation Town  []   visit Tessellation Town on Tile Island!
  13. ABCya  []   Grade level lessons incorporate areas such as math and language arts while introducing basic computer skills.
  14. AAA Math []      AAA Math features a comprehensive set of thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons.
  15. Cool Math []     An amusement park of math and more... Lessons and games designed for fun!
  16. FigureThis  []     Math challenges for the FAMILY!  Come on!  Take a challenge!
  17. Math Cats  []     Explore math games with fuzzy, feline friends!
  18. FunBrain Math  []     Online number games for kids


  1. Sea Turtles []
  2. Caribbean Conservation []     List of sea turtle tracking projects participating in CCC's educational program.
  3. Marine Turtles []     NOAA Fisheries, Office of Protected Resources.
  4. Sea Turtles []     Information on sea turtles from
  5. Sea Turtles, Defenders of Wildlife []     More information on sea turtles.
  6. Caillou Dinosaur Fossils []     Find fossils and piece them together.  
  7. KS2 Bitesize     This site allows students to explore solids and liquids.
  8. Video feed of Old Faithful
  9. Kilauea Volcano     These are movie clips about volcanoes and eruptions.
  10. Crittercam     This is an interactive critter cam for students to explore various habitats.
  11. Kids Dig Dinosaurs     Dinosaur information for kids
  12. The Dino Directory      The Natural History Museum's Dino-site for kids
  13. Zoom Dinosaurs     Enchanted Learning's facts about dinosaurs
  14. Kids Dinosaurs     Information about dinosaurs for kids


  1. PBS Kids []     Games and activities for younger students.
    1. Caillou Fossils []     Fun game where students find dinosaur fossils and piece them together.
  2. FunBrain []     K-8 Educational site for students and teachers. 
  3. Interactive Gingerbread House []     Build your own gingerbread house!
  4. Interactive Gingerbread Friend []     Put together your own gingerbread friend!

Third Grade

  1. America Pictures []     Photos of the United States of America.
  2. Native American Homes []     Website created by North Attleborough Public Schools with information on different types of Native American homes. 
  3. Grammar Practice Park []     Games on grammar.
  4. Callum's Addition Pyramid []
  5. EcoKids Games and Activities []
  6. Harcourt Noun Dunk []
  7. Common and Proper Nouns []
  8. BBC Typing []
  10. Houghton Mifflin Math
  11. Classification of Animals []
  12. Animal Study []
  13. Book Cover Creator []
  14. Student Materials Index
  15. Illuminations, Activity Search []
  16. ICT Games []
  17. Kid's Corner - Animals []

Vocabulary Activities


  1. Science Revision - Habitats []
  2. All About Animals - Habitats []
  3. All About Animals - Pictorial Database []
  4. Exploring Pond Habitats []
  5. Grassland Explorer []


Fourth Grade

Internet Safety

  1. Safety Land []     Go to Safety Land to learn more about internet safety. 

National Parks

  1. US National Parks []     providing information on all US national parks.
  2. Yellowstone National Park []

Social Studies

  1. Vermont Firsts []

State Research

  1. Name the State
  2. Place the State Names on the Map
  3. Place the State Outline on the Map
  4. Name the State Capitals
  5. Fact Monster
  6. Pictures of Places
  7. Terra Galleria - America
  8. 50 States


  1. 1. PBS Kids-Jazz Kids Web Site  []     Play music, learn about jazz musicians, jazz music and its history.
    2. PBS Jazz Biographies Site []     Learn about jazz musicians.

Fifth Grade

Civil War

  1. Civil War Webquest []     Civil War webquest from National Geographic. Go on a journey to see what it was like to be a slave.
  2. Mr Donn Civil War, Harriett Tubman []     Lesson Plans and Activities.
  3. Social Studies for Kids []
  4. Children in the Civil War []     Website with information about what part children had during the Civil War.
  5. Underground Railroad Code Words []     Website with code words that people used in the underground railroad.
  6. Mr Donn Underground Railroad []     Lesson plans and activities for the Underground Railroad.
  7. 42Explore - Underground Railroad []     More information on the Underground Railroad.
  8. Civil War for Kids []     Timeline of important events during the Civil War created by a class in Sleepy Hollow, New York.
  9. Civil War Webquest    "...but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish,and the war came."   ~Abraham Lincoln, 4 March 1865


  1. Pumpkin Trivia []
  2. Pumpkin Nook  []

 Social Studies

  1. Colonial Williamsburg - History []
  2. First Thanksgiving: Tour the Mayflower []
  3. Colonial Williamsburg Trades []
  4. Colonial Williamsburg - Interactive Dress the Character []


  1. Cash Out []


  1. Quest For Fun []     This quest for fun is an adventure that can take you for a ride through the Internet.  Get ready to go on a quest of activities through the Internet.  


Sixth Grade  

Social Studies:

  • Castaways:

  1. Campaign to End Child Homelessness []
  2. Campain to End Child Homelessness - Vermont []
  3. Homeless Public School Students in California []
  4. Family Homelessness "1 in 50" []
  5. Homeless Children - America's Outcasts (PDF) []     Warning! This link brings you to a PDF! Your computer will ask whether or not you want to open it in a browser or save it locally.


  1. Wikipedia []     Free, online encyclopedia created and maintained by volunteers from around the world.
    1. Simple Wikipedia []     Wikipedia articles written in simplified English to help younger or struggling readers.
  2. World Book Encyclopedia Online []     Online encyclopedia for kids.  Please use the Login ID:  shaftsbury  and Password:  shafts1234
  3. Enchanted Learning []     Educational resources and activities.
  4. Shaftsbury Library Catalog []
  5. Smart Board Lesson Plans - Sally Bisaccio []
  6. Biographies For Kids []     Bio4Kids looks into the lives of people from the past and present in a fun and informative format.
  7. []     An easy-to-use website that adds a multimedia dimension to the reading experiences of children's and young adult books.  Please use the Username: leave blank  Password:  Shafts


  1. Merry   []
  2. Free Christmas Online Games   []
  3. Christmas Resources for Primary Teachers   []
  4. Puzzles for the Holidays and Seasons   []]
  5. Games For Kids of All Ages    []


  1. The Rhythm Trainer []   The Rhythm Trainer is a free, Flash-based program for learning and practicing rhythm. 
  2. The Music Room []  Learn about music at the Capistrano Unified School District (CA) webpage
  3. National Geographic World Music []  Tune into music of other cultures from anywhere in the world.  Find popular artists and listen to their clips.
  4. Play Music []   Write your own music, learn about all the instruments in an orchestra and more.


  1. Synonyms and Antonyms []
  2. Dotolearn []
  3. National Geographic for Kids
  4. Learning Planet []     Different games/activities for K-6 
  5. Grammar Games []    Grammar tutorials, quizzes and games