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Board Duties

Yearly Calendar of Board Member Duties  (updated 2019)

File Form 1120-H (annual IRS tax return)

Reserve Meeting(s) Place - as of 2019 the Germantown Library Community Room is being used.


Email April Meeting agenda & Spring Resident News & minutes from previous meeting to board
(One week prior to April meeting)

Review last meeting minutes and new agenda before meeting
(All Board Members)

APRIL (1st Wed of April)
 7:00 pm
 All Board Members + any homeowners welcome




           Email Sept. meeting agenda, Fall Resident News flyer & minutes from previous meeting to board
(One week prior to Sept. meeting)

Review last meeting minutes and new agenda before meeting 
(All Board Members)

SEPTEMBER (2nd Wed of Sept)
           7:00 pm
           All Board Members + any homeowners welcome           
           Review and set upcoming fiscal budget (board)

NOTE:  Annual audit of financial report, bank statement & check book to be completed after fall board meeting, but prior to Nov. Annual 
             Homeowner Meeting. To be reviewed/approved by board President + VP + Secretary. (Treasurer)

           Assessment Notices and Ballots names/addresses/lots envelopes to be verified by board members. Then must be mailed out no later than 
           Oct.1st to all homeowners (Treasurer with board Officers assistance).
           Email Nov. Annual Meeting Agenda and Spring meeting minutes to all board members (President) one week prior to Nov. annual meeting.

NOVEMBER (1st Wed. of Nov)
           Homeowner's Annual Meeting - ASSESSMENT HOA FEES ARE DUE
           All Board Members + homeowners encouraged to attend


Add'l Duties:
President Other Duties:
- Track when board members term expires and encourage board and committee volunteers (provide info for ballot).
-  Provide the Agenda for board meetings.
Vice President Other Duties:
- Shadow President duties and be prepared to fill in if President is not able to attend meeting or continue.
           - Assist in home owner assessment notices, verification, and other duties as needed.

Treasurer Other Duties:
- Inform President and have the board vote on any expenses that are over approved budget
- Pay and track bills throughout the year with subdivision checkbook & reconcile with bank statement, keep SWHOA Financial Summary up to date 
  and in balance.
sign approved contracts for the lawn cutting and pond care
           - Prepare annual assessment mailing for final review, verification by President and Vice-President, with Treasurer.
           - Check for/retrieve incoming mail in the SWHOA P.O Box at Germantown Post Office.

Secretary Other Duties:
Attend all board meetings and take/update/distribute meeting minutes.

Board Members Other Duties:
- Attendance is expected at all scheduled meetings of the board (April, September and November).
- Express interest in running for officer positions / inform board of others interested in Board positions.
- Review bids for and supervise work of hired contractors for all pond & landscaping work.