To preserve property values and strive for the common welfare of our community.



April 4th, 2019, Thurs. - Spring Board Meeting - All Are Welcome!
7pm - at Germantown Library Community Room

Sept 12th 2019 Thursday 7pm. - Fall Board Meeting - All Are Welcome!
- at Germantown Library Community Room

November 6th, 2019, Wed. - Annual Membership Meeting - 
All Are Encouraged to Attend! 
7pm - at Germantown Library Community Room

Welcome to Shadow Wood Subdivision in Germantown, Wisconsin!

We would like to welcome new homeowners to the Shadow Wood Homeowner’s Association.

We hold one Annual Homeowner’s Meeting the first Wednesday evening of November and a Spring and Fall board meeting which you are welcome to attend as well. 

We can always use a few more board members or volunteers for the pond, landscaping.

You can call or email a board member and attend any meeting to show your interest. The board saves money for all the homeowner's, please consider it.

Most positions are just attending the 3 meetings a year. The board of director positions have a few more responsibilities but overall little time is needed. It is a chance to get to know your neighbors and have some decision making in the neighborhood you live in. Thank you in advance! We look forward to sharing the processes already setup for an easy transition.

Upcoming meeting dates are on our home page. We post a reminder meeting sign near the pond the week before the meetings.

We have added important area information below for you to get acquainted with the area.


Helpful Community Information


List of Area Schools