Friday News

Dear Parents,

In reading, we are worked on two vowels together. Ask your child what happens when two vowels are together…”the first one does the talking, the second one does the walking”. For example, in the vowel combo “oa”, we hear the “o” but not the “a”. We also learned about adjectives, or describing words. The story we read was called “The Little Horse”. This was a story about being creative and helping out. The girls went to the toy store and creatively repaired a toy so that it could be sold again! We discussed how nice it is to help others and how that is why God put us on this Earth!

We are finishing our math chapter next week and we will take a math test on place value on Friday, January 17. The study guide was sent home so you will know what topics will be covered. We took our first subtraction test and it proved to be challenging for many of us. Just keep practicing!

In religion, we are discussing the Eucharist. We have learned that the Eucharist is the meal that Jesus shares with us. The words we hear at Mass are the words Jesus spoke at the Last Supper. We are getting very excited that next year, we will be able to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus for the first time! We are noticing the parts of the mass so as you go on the weekend, point out the words spoken at the Last Supper!

In Social Studies we are learning about heroes. Next week we will be talking about Martin Luther King.

Stay dry this weekend!

Julie Missel