Primary Resource

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The Primary Resource Program at SGMSchool consists of Oasis volunteers and a Resource teacher.  The students are identified by the teacher and/or the Primary CARE team and assigned to the appropriate support option.  Support is provided in the areas of reading, handwriting, and math.  The first and second grade students most often need support for reading.  Kindergartners need support for handwriting as well as reading.  Math support is available for the primary but is not needed on a regular basis.

The Resource teacher works with one student or groups from two to four students 45 minutes per session once or twice a week. The support the Resource teacher reinforces the student's understanding of the classroom curricular goals unless remedial instruction is warranted.  If the student requires remedial support, the teacher and the Resource teacher meet with the family to describe the level, duration, and time of the support necessary for the student to achieve success. The Resource teacher creates a learning plan for each student who comes for help on a regular basis.  She works with the classroom teacher to set goals and provide classroom interventions to help the student achieve grade level expectations. 

As a part of the weekly breakdown of weekly reading skills, is a link to a Quizlet set for the vocabulary and memory words for the week.  The words are paired with pictures to help the students have an additional cue to the words and their meaning.  Just click on the link to access the Quizlet for the week.  An additional link can be accessed from the Website, which outlines the important reading skills for kindergarten, first, and, second grade. If you have any other questions regarding this page or the  primary resource program, my email can be found at the bottom of this page.

Mrs. Deutsch’s Primary Resource Schedule 2018-2019