Donate Equipment

What equipment may be donated?

We accept donations of:

  • desktop or laptop computers with at least 2 GB of RAM and CPU Passmark scores >= 1500 (see
  • monitors capable of 1024 x 768 pixel display
  • small speakers suitable for use with computer systems.

Other equipment such as mice, trackballs, keyboards, cables, and cable modems are also needed.

What happens to the equipment I donate?

Donated computers will be refurbished as needed by students at Scotia-Glenville High School before being placed with District students. Donated computers are owned by the Scotia-Glenville Education Foundation and are loaned to District families for educational use (see agreement).

How will the equipment be used?

Your donated equipment will be placed in student homes to allow them full access to course content. Access to computer-based educational resources is increasingly important for flipped and blended classrooms. Lack of access to course content in the home contributes to "the digital divide" and puts students at a disadvantage. Use of technology-based content delivery gives teachers greater insights into the needs of individual students and has been demonstrated at Scotia-Glenville to be a valuable aid. 

How do I donate?

Contact us at or call (518) 635-3023. 

All donations are a tax-deductible charitable contribution in-kind through the Foundation's affiliation with The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region (see details).