Behavior Policy

This year our class will be using the clip up/clip down system in our room.  All students will start on "Great on Green".  All students will have the chance to clip up for exhibiting exceptionally good behavior and, likewise, to clip down if they exhibit less than desirable behavior. 
At the end of the week, all children whose clothespins stayed on green or above will get to pick a prize from my reward jar!   Students who clip down will have to complete a "think sheet" where they will have to analyze their behavior that caused them to clip down.  The back of the students' folders has a behavior calendar with the seven different "clips".  I will color the spot they ended up on for the day.  If they did clip down, I will write about short note on why they clipped down.  In this way, we can monitor and recognize good, as well as not so good behavior.
Here are the rules for Room 4:
1. Show RESPECT for everyone and everything
2. Listen Carefully
3. Follow Directions
4. Work Quietly
5. Work and Play Safely 
6. Keep Hands and Feet to themselves