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Welcome to the Palmetto Chapter of the State Guard Association of the United States (SGAUS). SGAUS is a national organization representing the more than fourteen thousand men and women who serve today in our nation’s state defense forces.

From the Minutemen of the American Revolution to the Home Guards of the Second World War, volunteers in state military forces have served our nation and our communities with honor and distinction. It is our privilege to represent the men and women who continue the proud American tradition of volunteer service in today’s state military forces.

In support of that ideal, the SGAUS strives to be a voice for today’s state defense forces and their members. We advocate for the advancement and support of all regulated state military forces established under the authority of Title 32, Section 109 of the United States Code. Our organization works to strengthen our national defense and homeland security by ensuring that our state governors and adjutants general have highly skilled, well-trained state defense forces to call upon in times of crisis.

Membership in the Palmetto Chapter is open to all persons, military and civilian.

Membership applications for our chapter are taken only by paper.  See below application.

Membership applications for SGAUS only may be taken online.  Go to-->
SGAUS Website:   http://www.sgaus.org

   COL David Hinojosa was re-elected President today.
   LTC Randy Sims was elected Vice-President.
   SGM Charles Ray re-elected National Representative

A meeting was held by the officers at SCAUS conference at Myrtle Beach on 23Sept17.
MEMS assistance was discussed, looking to enhance our position with a MEMS cell.  The new mobile kitchen unit was noted with opportunities for our chapter to assist.
    Upcoming elections scheduled for December.

An officer's meeting was held at Granby Armory during Division drill, accepting LTC Van Beuren's resignation and appointing MAJ Van Dijk as interim Secretary/Treasurer.

he Palmetto Chapter officers met twice the past two months.  A revised By-Law will be put to the membership at the next meeting.  A copy of the proposal should be on the documents soon.

Other business included plans for an organization meeting and breakfast at Division drill.

Executive committee members-----
First Brigade:  SGM Wesley Snipes
Second Brigade:  CPT Jason Ross
Third Brigade:  1SG Angelo Scorello
Division:  CPT George Tselentis

COL David Hinojosa, President  email: david.hinojosa@sg.sc.gov cell phone:  (803) 377-0113
LTC Randy Sims, Vice President  email:   randy.sims@sg.sc.gov (803) 287-4204
MAJ Howard VanDijk, Secretary/Treasurer email:  howard.vandijk@sg.sc.gov cell: (803) 212-8729
SGM Charles Ray, SGAUS Representative  email: charles.ray@sg.sc.gov cell phone: (803) 206-7127
LTC John Lawrence Rockholz, Membership email: john.rockholz@sg.sc.gov cell phone:  (803) 397-2002

Military Emergency Management System (MEMS) State Director -- previously known as the Proctor for MEMS

SGM Wesley Snipes             wesley.snipes@sg.sc.gov

More information to follow.  California is lead on new 2018 MEMS Student Handbook scheduled for publication in December.  Proposals were voted on at MEMS meeting.

2014 Soldier of the Year Award was presented to SGT Kelly Pounds during the SCSG 1st Brigade & Division's Christmas Party.  Sgt Pounds is shown with CSM Mark Freeman, who presented the Award to her.

Email her when you have completed Basic or Senior MEMS Courses and ready for certificate processing.

SGAUS Convention 2014

Four of our SCSG members attended the Annual Conference in Anchorage, Alaska.

BG Mullikin, LT Mullikin and COL, (now BG) Leonard, the SCAUS Convention (COL (now BG) Lott not pictured).

Our SC delegation heard informative presentations on Best Practices and systems which could make our South Carolina State Guard more effective and useful to the state of South Carolina.
 Prior to the conference, 
these members participated in a senior leader and nature retreat  to discuss upcoming priorities for the SCSG and enjoyed the Last Frontier.

The delegation also heard a presentation and update on the 2015 Annual Conference which will be held in Baltimore, Maryland and began developing a plan for ensuring maximum participation from Members   of the South Carolina State Guard.
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