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2011-09-12 Full Moon Ceremony

Chat Transcript
Buddha Hall at City Center
10:15 AM PDT

Welcome to the 'sfzc' room.

penzen mod: Good morning and welcome to Beginner's Mind Temple on Livestream

penzen mod: Attendees will begin gathering about 9:30EDT, and we will go live approx 10-15 mins later

penzen mod: Click here for the text of the Full Moon Ceremony

penzen mod: http://www.sfzc.org/sp_download/liturgy/Full_Moon_Chants.pdfv

penzen mod: The densho downstairs is sounding as the robe chant begins in the zendo

penzen mod: As people enter the Buddha Hall, they pause in the foyer to offer incense at small tables as a gesture of purification

penzen mod: The first arrivals take their places, standing silently

penzen mod: Once we go live, I plan to step away and participate, so there will be no response to chat postings during the ceremony

penzen mod: I will ask about any sound problems before I do

penzen mod: The final rolldown sounds on the densho

penzen mod: The procession will begin with the kokyo and doshi from upstairs

penzen mod: The inkin is sounding down the hall as they approach

penzen mod: The procession stops to offer incense outside the entrance

penzen mod: They enter and approach the altar

penzen mod: All bow

penzen mod: Could you hear those bells?

morrotom ban: yes

Anon One ban: yes

penzen mod: Thanks

penzen mod: All turn to do 3 prostrations

penzen mod: Doshi offers incense again

penzen mod: All kneel

penzen mod: Stepping away now...

penzen mod: Final exit bows

penzen mod: The procession begins to leave

penzen mod: All wait until they are at the end of the hallway

penzen mod: Closing bells

penzen mod: All begin to file out

penzen mod: Thank you for joining us today

penzen mod: A very good way to begin the week