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2011-09-10 Dharma Talk: Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky

Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky

Livestream Recording: http://livestre.am/11Lj3

Chat Transcript
Buddha Hall at City Center
10:15 AM PDT
Welcome to the 'sfzc' room.
Latrippi: Good morning!
Latrippi: Welcome to Beginner's Mind Temple at Livestream.
Latrippi: It's a lovely sunny day in San Francisco.
Latrippi: Here in the Buddha Hall, the weekly Introduction to Zazen session has just ended.
Latrippi: Downstaris, outside the zendo, the densho bell has begun to ring, calling people to the Buddha Hall for lecture.
Latrippi: The Hall is gradually filling with people and the Ino is opening the french doors onto the courtyard to let the breeze in.
Latrippi: The densho bell begins a roll down.
Latrippi: The murmurring in the Hall stills to quiet.
Latrippi: From the courtyard, we hear the sound of water flowing in the restored fountain.
Latrippi: Now the small bell rings, signalling the approach of the teacher.
Latrippi: And the densho bell rolls down again.
Latrippi: Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky enters the Hall.
Latrippi: Facing the altar, he makes a standing bow, approaches the altar and offers incense.
Latrippi: He offers three full prostrations.
Latrippi: Three bells as he takes his seat -- and we bow to one another.
Latrippi: Abbot Steve adjusts his robes.
Latrippi: Two more people filter into the full hall.
Latrippi: Now the opening chant.
Latrippi: Beginner's Mind Temple -- where the mind is always fresh!
Latrippi: Welcome.
2chirp: Thank you.  I am hearing a lot of reverberation/echo.  Is there anything I can do to reduce that?  Anything you might do?  Thank you!
Latrippi: ABbot Steve just returned Los Angeles, a conference of the Association of Soto Zen Buddhists.
Latrippi: hm, let me see about the echo.
Latrippi: 2chirp, do you have two tabs or windows open to the live stream page, by any chance?
2chirp: Oh -- yes!  I'm sorry.  I'll eliminate one.  Doh!  Thank you
Latrippi: Happens all the time! No worries. Thanks!
Latrippi: Today's talk, about being free from fear.
Latrippi: So much suffering and acrimony in the world.
Latrippi: If we're not comfortable in our own bodies, how can we help?
Kathy: is it possible to make the audio louder?
Latrippi: The sound of barking, wimpering dog filters in from the street.
Latrippi: Kathy, is that better?
Kathy: yes, thanks!
Latrippi: great.
Latrippi: "Ancient twisted karma." A phrase we use in the Full Moon Ceremony.
Latrippi: "All my ancient twisted karma, from beginningless greed, hatred, and delusion...."
Latrippi: Simply acknowledge it.
Latrippi: "I fully avow."
Latrippi: To be at one with your surroundings, to be at one with your ancient twisted karma.
Latrippi: Karma *is* this body. Not something theoretical.
Latrippi: The body is also the gate of liberation.
Latrippi: Dogen: The entire universe is this body, the gate of libertation, the dharma kaya of the self.
Latrippi: Dharma means "true reality."
Latrippi: Dogen: This is not a temporary body.
Latrippi: That should raise some questions!
Latrippi: To investigate carefully: What is your sense of your body?
Latrippi: Painful memories of being a teenager, the body changing rapidly.... You can feel alone.
Latrippi: How is it possible to see the true reality body of the person, we pass?
Latrippi: Deny the existence of the particular?
Latrippi: Or fully acknowledge that?
Latrippi: Every particular in the universe *is* reality. The body of awakening.
Latrippi: A poem, to investigate carefully, by Jane Hirshfield, "Against Certainty"
Latrippi: "Between certainty and the real, a great enmity."
Latrippi: Such a relief that there's a cat in the poem!
Latrippi: Cats always finding their comfort.
Latrippi: Also endlessly curious, willing to be killed by their own curiosity.
Latrippi: Something marvelous to contemplate, because it's so difficult for us to simply be who we are.
Latrippi: Soemthing out in the dark that wants to correct us.
Latrippi: But this dark is dharmakaya.
Latrippi: Everyting that's unknown is supporting you, contributing its fair share.
Latrippi: Reallty is pretty strict! Just what it is.
Latrippi: "Between certainty and the real, an *ancient* enmity."
Latrippi: Then the cat, waiting. "No cell of her body is not waiting."
Latrippi: If you think that some sound is not who you are, then you can't be completely still.
Latrippi: The strictness of our practice, zazen, no room for self-deception.
Latrippi: The cat in the poem disappears, as Suzuki Roshi says becoming on with the environment.
Latrippi: From the poem: "One shadow fully at ease inside another."
Latrippi: What if I let go of any ideas of what *should* be happening?
Latrippi: If everything's perfect as it is, what about the people suffering?
Latrippi: Something to investigate carefully, how the whole universe is created by our owm mind.
Latrippi: The practice of letting everyone be exactly as they are: the practice of forgiveness.
Latrippi: It means that everyone is doing their best.
Latrippi: Even if they're deluded and misguided.
Latrippi: From another poem, from the film "Smoke Signals" -- about redemption.
Latrippi: Is redemption possible or not possible?
Latrippi: "The impossiblility of redemption is something we had not figured on." -Linda Watanabe [----]
Latrippi: Poem from signals, "Forgiving Our Fathers."
Latrippi: Forgiving our parents for our DNA. But mostly, we think, for their behavior.
Latrippi: "If we forgive our father's, what is left?"
Latrippi: Points to our fear of the unknown.
Latrippi: Forgiveness is a way to accept that your body and mind are not two.
Latrippi: That everything that has happened is supporting this moment?
Latrippi: Why hold it against the past?
Latrippi: To forgive is to acknowledge this big pain.
Latrippi: Can one be present with it? With the cells of distress in one's own body?
Latrippi: To do this is to liberate the entire universe.
Latrippi: Now the closing chants.
Latrippi: Abbot Steve stands and bows to his cushion.
Latrippi: He bows to us, we bow, and he exits the hall.
2chirp: Thank you for your assistance, Latrippi.  I had 3 or 4 windows open!  Once I took your suggestion, I heard perfectly.
Latrippi: Oh, I'm glad to hear that worked, 2chirp!
Latrippi: Thanks for asking.
Latrippi: And thank you all for coming!
Latrippi: The next livestream will be on Monday morning, the Full Moon Ceremony.
Latrippi: Sept 24, a one day sit and the start of the fall practice period.
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Latrippi: Thanks again!