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2011-08-20 Dharma Talk Wendy Lewis

Kyoshin Wendy Lewis  (audio only)
Buddha Hall at City Center
10:15 AM PDT
Welcome to the 'sfzc' room.
Latrippi: Good morning!
Latrippi: Welcome to Beginner's Mind Temple at Livestream.
Latrippi: It's a warm summer day in San Francisco.
Latrippi: Downstairs, the densho bell is rining slowly, calling people to the Buddha Hall for this morning's dharma talk by Kyoshin Wendy Lewis.
Latrippi: *ringing
Latrippi: The hall is filling quickly, many sitting on meditation cushions on the mat and behind that, 2 rows of people in chairs.
Latrippi: Some wear robes, many are in street clothes.
Latrippi: We sit quietly, returning to silence.
Latrippi: Down the hall, the small rings signalling the procession of the teacher has begun.
Latrippi: This will be an audio only stream today.
Latrippi: We'll go live in a few minutes.
Latrippi: Wendy Lewis has entered the hall.
Latrippi: She faces the altar, now approaches the altar to offer incense.
Latrippi: She bows and takes her seat.
Latrippi: An attendant brings the lectern and takes his seat again.
Latrippi: Now the before lecture chant.
Latrippi: Wendy's dharma name: kyushin: abode of truth.
Latrippi: Bodhisattvas operating separately but their function is inseparable.
Latrippi: The notion of faith often makes people uncomfortable.
Latrippi: Deep faith in accompanied by doubt -- which is myterious.
Latrippi: In postmodern culture, we assume that what can be measured is true.
Latrippi: In Buddhism, an active engagement with impermanence.
Latrippi: The notion of karma goes beyond rewards and punishment -- karma as habit patterns.
Latrippi: Each person's karma reflects and supports the karma of others.
Latrippi: Ethics: applied faith.
Latrippi: Our actions of body, sppech and mind flow out from an internal context of conditionality.
Latrippi: We know that context and can sense it in others -- a conditional backstory for our actions.
Latrippi: At the level of tolerance and intolerance, pettiness and transcendance.
Latrippi: Two poles that we rely on.
Latrippi: A teaching of Buddhism: to do good and avoid evil.
Latrippi: We can't leap into complete harmlessly: we just nudge things.
Latrippi: When something arises and reminds of transcience, it seems like an interuption.
Latrippi: In the midst of this, it's possible to remember transcendence.
Latrippi: Wendy's not wearking okesa because of an injury. It's embarrassing. But she's giving the talk anyway.
Latrippi: David Tracy on inter-religious dialogue:
Latrippi: Buddhist attitude on transcience as terrifyingly other [?}.
Latrippi: That Buddhism can help reinvigorate Christian contemplative traditions..
Latrippi: The Buddha wandering in the forest: Should he return, should he teach. He does, still connected to a karmic unfolding.
Latrippi: Karmic patterns coming from the past, through the present, to the future. Always moving.
Latrippi: The Middle Way and Equanimity.
Latrippi: The Middle Way: finding equanimity between transcendence and pettiness.
Latrippi: [a story...]
Latrippi: A commentary on the Heart Sutra.
Latrippi: Manjushri's wisdom meets Avalokiteshvara's compassion through Samanthabadra, applied ethics.
Latrippi: The Middle Way is not a passionless state of imperturbability.
Latrippi: But a deep awareness and continuous negotiation of transendence and pettiness.
Latrippi: Also joyful, marked by humor.
Latrippi: Now the closing chants.
Latrippi: Wendy stands, bows to her cushion and to us, and we also bow.
Latrippi: 3 deep bows ot the altar.
Latrippi: Wendy Lewis leaves the Buddha Hall.
Latrippi: Thank you all for coming!
dzimmerman: Thank you for this offering....enjoy the weekend!
Latrippi: Thanks, dzimmerman! You too.
windhorse: g'd morn laura! many thanks, deep bow.
Latrippi: Friday evening, we'll be video streaming a poetry reading by Matthew Dickman and Matthew Zapruder.
Latrippi: hello windhorse!
Latrippi: Nice to know that you're there.
Latrippi: Next Saturday, there will be no live stream dharma talk at the request of the teacher.
Latrippi: And on Friday evening, Sept 2nd, we'll be video streaming a poetry  reading by Zen teacher and poet Norman Fischer.
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Latrippi: Thankk you!
windhorse: i so ppreciate the offerings, 'live-stream'! will be down at TZMC all thru sept. yay. hope to visit cc again  n' join community in buddha hall again. yes, to donations.
windhorse: thank-you!
Latrippi: Oh, it would be great to see you, windhorse!
Latrippi: Please come by.
Latrippi: Safe travels!
windhorse: oh, thanks, i'm workin' on it - has been 12 mths since last journey to sfzc...
Latrippi: If you can stop by CC, it will be good to meet you.
windhorse: ditto! hope to come for a few days, at least, post-Tass!
Latrippi: Great! Bye then and again travel safe.