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Touching the Earth Sit-A-Thon

  1. 9am-5pm!  What if I can’t sit that long?

    During this quiet day, each participant will create a schedule to which they can commit.  We will each pace ourselves, taking breaks when needed.  Can’t make it for the whole day?  Commit to what part of it you can and make sure that the folks sponsoring you understand that commitment.  You will do this on your profile page.

  2. What about lunch?

    In order to have a stronger fundraising impact, and also give the kitchen crew a break, we ask that participants bring a bag lunch and take their lunch break at the time they choose.  There are many lovely locations at City Center where you can enjoy your lunch; in one of the courtyards, in the dining room or on the rooftop. 

    Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day in the dining room.  Following our closing at 5pm we will come together for a reception of light fare catered by Greens restaurant. 

  3. What about those of us who live outside of the Bay Area?

    We need everyone in the SFZC community, far and wide, to join in this effort!  Join us via live stream and if you have dharma friends in your area invite them to join you for the day.  You can also sponsor a sitter or donate to the event.

  4. What are Personal Fundraising Pages?

    Personal fundraising pages are a way for anyone to create awareness and raise money easily. A personal fundraising page is your own website that allows you to collect donations by accepting credit cards or Paypal. The greatest part is that you can let others know about the Sit-a-Thon by sharing on social networking sites with a click of a button. 

  5. I am not sure I understand what my Account Center is?

    The Account Center allows you to update or change your personal fundraising page, view the amount of money you raised, and update your personal information.

  6. Where do I go to login to my Account Center?

    You can login to the Account Center here by clicking on the link.

  7. How do I verify my e-mail account?

    You should receive a link to confirm your email that allows you to set your user name and password. Please remember to check your SPAM folder if you do not see your confirmation email in your inbox. This will allow you to come back to your fundraising dashboard at any time. In order to access your fundraising dashboard in the future; please sign in via the Account Center.

  8. Your website says to upload a picture that’s under 200KB, How do I do that?

    Because every computer is different and have different programs, we have found a website that will allow you to easily resize your pictures so that it fits in your personal fundraising page. Go to http://www.picresize.com.

    While we have found this easy to use we don’t make any warranty or representations as to how easy you’ll find it. A simple Google search will help if necessary.

  9. Are there any additional resources for tips and tricks on setting up a successful fundraising page?

    You can check out these excellent resources on fundraising tips, successful strategies for tweeting and general ways to use social networks to promote yourself to use when you talk to your friends and family.

  10. What is the purpose of the Sit-A-Thon?

    To create community, to connect with others, while raising funds to help maintain SFZC’s presence in the city as a place of refuge and engagement.  The funds you raise will contribute to the operating expenses of our three centers -- the food we serve, the staff that cooks it, the gardens, the repairs on our 90 year old Julia Morgan building in the city, our Green Gulch Farm and Tassajara housing and retreat spaces,  the programs we offer that welcome hundreds of people to our centers every week and provide outreach to people who are homeless, in recovery, or incarcerated.
  11. Will you thank my sponsors?

    We ask that you personally thank those who support you and it is very important that you do!  We will be sending out an email in the week following the Sit-A-Thon to let everyone know how we did.  This could be a good email to pass along to your supporters along with your own personal touch