Well being

As part of helping kids with well being we thought it would be great to make some videos to help kids be aware about some problems that many kids are having and how to solve them. 

  • Here is a video to watch if you need a helping hand in friendship troubles. 


We decided that it would be great if we could create some posters that we could hang in each classroom around the school to help with all students well being. We surveyed our class to see what type of posters most students thought would help others. We also asked our class what they find most friendship troubles start by, but there were too many results to post on this site. Most of the answers were misunderstandings and disagreements though,  Here are the results: 

So we decided we will create a KEEP CALM poster for each class.
Here are some students with the posters:



 Year 6's

 Us with our poster!

Our Genius Hour Presentation video

We had great fun doing this project! :D