Student and Family Handbook 2018-2019

A message from the Superintendent

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. We have prepared this handbook to give
you important information. You will find useful phone numbers and forms that we’d like you to return to your school to help us get to know your child’s medical needs and your notification preferences among other things. 

In addition to important rules, dates and forms, this handbook now gives families more information about the social and emotional skills we are including in our teaching and learning. Building self-efficacy, social awareness, growth mindset and self-management in children leads to improvements in academic performance and overall life outcomes. This has been proven by research time and again and that is why we aim to foster personal wellbeing and pro-social skills as well as a positive school and classroom culture so that students can thrive both in and outside of school.

For more information, please visit our multilingual district website at sfusd.edu, where you can find news and events as well as updates to this handbook over the course of the year. I wish you a happy and healthy school year full of learning.

Respectfully yours,
Dr. Vincent Matthews, Superintendent

Download PDF translated versions of the Student and Family Handbook