1-8 Animation Project Build

  • Program your Animation project


Which Scratch components and blocks will you need to program your animation?

Complete the Planning for your animation

Use the Handout to guide your planning.  Make sure to complete all sections before you begin programming.

Program your animation

Start a new Scratch Project.  Give it a name that relates to the scene you are animating (for example: Harry Potter Voldemort Battle).  Use the Handout and Storyboard to guide your animation.  

Make sure to include:

  • Add sprite(s) and background(s) to represent the characters and location.

  • Make your sprite(s) speak.

  • Make your sprite(s) move and/or change costumes.


  • All blocks need to be attached to events (e.g., when green flag is clicked).

  • To make things happen in sequence, use the wait blocks or broadcast.

  • To initialize sprites, make them go to a specific location when the animation starts (e.g., when green flag is clicked).

  • You might want to use loops to repeatedly move sprites, change costumes (to simulation motion), or play music.

Upload finished Project to a Scratch Studio

When you finished, click the "Share button".  Find the link for your class's Scratch Studio on Google Classroom, and add your project.

Gallery Walk and Peer Feedback Activity

  1. Open your Animation Project on your computer
  2. Put your name at the top of the Feedback form and leave the form in front of your computer
  3. Rotate to another computer
    1. Write your name on the Feedback form
    2. Play the Animation
    3. Write Feedback on form
      1. Effective feedback is
        1. Kind
        2. Specific
        3. Helpful

If you finish early:  Complete another Scratch tutorial.

Andrew Rothman,
19/09/2016, 12:59