Lesson 5.6: Bonus - Searching and Sorting in Scratch


Want to do more with algorithms? You can create Scratch software programs that use the searching and sorting algorithms we learned about. Here's a couple of Scratch programs that other people have made. Click on the images to go to the Scratch page. Please let us know if any of these projects have been taken down!

The Linear and Binary Search number-guessing games are a good way to compare the algorithms. In the linear search game, you can only know if the number you picked is the correct number, while the binary search game tells you if the number you picked is too high or too low. Try it out!



This Binary Search game lets you look up a word in its list of almost 75,000 words. Linear searching here would be really really tedious!!


The Bubble Sort Guy walks through the Bubble Sort algorithm step-by step to sort a list of numbers.

 The Sorting Algorithm Comparison program compares the Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, and Insertion Sort algorithms to see how quickly each of them can sort the list. The author also created two sorting algorithms: Loop Sort and Thread Sort. Computer scientists are always looking for new algorithms to complete tasks more quickly!

You can also try searching for more cool Scratch programs. There are lots!