4-8 Games in Scratch, Score and Timer

In this lesson, students will make their games more interesting by keeping score and adding a timer.
  • Students will create variables to keep score and learn how to change and reset these variables. 
  • Students will keep time using Scratch's built-in timer.


Watch: Games in Scratch

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Using Scratch's Built-in Timer

The first variable we can add to our game is a timer. This can be found near the bottom of the "Sensing" tab in the script section.
When setting up your timer, remember to reset the timer every time a new game is started. Follow the video below for more instruction.

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Adding a Variable to Keep Track of Score

Next, we will make a variable to count how many times our hero sprite reaches the goal. This will be our score. For information on what a variable actually is and how to implement it in Scratch, watch the video below!

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Check Your Understanding


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