Lesson 4.2: Sound in Scratch, Drums!

Learning Objectives:
  • Students will learn how to set the tempo of their Scratch song.
  • Students will how to use nested repeat blocks to make their "code" more concise.

Do Now: 
Watch: Nested Repeats

YouTube Video

Review: Important Blocks


The play drum block plays a percussion (drum) note.

It is under the Sound section.

It has two variables:

  1. The instrument.
  2. How long the note plays (in beats).

The above block plays the 3rd drum (an instrument) for 0.2 beats.


The tempo block increases the speed at which notes play.

It has one variable:

  1. How many beats play per minute.

It is under the Sound section.

Try the two blocks below (click on the tempo before clicking the repeat block), and notice the difference. 

Try changing the tempo and adding more drum blocks. 

Nested Repeats

A nested repeat is a repeat block placed inside another repeat block. 

It is located under the Control section.

For example, if we wanted a note to play 100 times, we wouldn't want to have to drag and drop those blocks 100 times. There must be an easier way...and that way is with the repeat block!


Activity Part 1: Create
Try to create your own musical sequence in Scratch using the play drums, tempo, and nested repeat blocks.

Activity Part 2: Worksheet
After exploring the play, note, rest and repeat blocks in Scratch, fill outhis worksheet.

Activity Part 3: Notes
After you create a musical sequence in Scratch, please fill out these notes.

Lesson 4.2 Wrap Up:

You can make your own song. What's your favorite song? Try making a simple beat. Put this together with Part 1 (where you learned notes and also repeat blocks) to make a melody. It is fairly simple to make something like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with some beats added to it. 

Have fun! 

Michelle Cernuto,
25/04/2016, 14:23
Michelle Cernuto,
25/04/2016, 14:23
Michelle Cernuto,
25/04/2016, 14:23