Lesson 3.5: Data Representation with Binary, Part 3

Learning Objectives:
  • Students will become even more comfortable with binary numbers. 
  • Students will explore more difficult binary concepts, such as what happens if a zero is added to the end of a binary number.

Do Now: 
Watch: Marble Adding Machine

YouTube Video

In this video, we are adding numbers together and representing their sum in binary. This gives us a way to visualize what is happening when we add in binary.
Try to answer these questions:
  • What happens if you add a marble (which represents a 1) to an empty slot (which represents a 0)?
  • What happens when you add a marble (1) to a slot that already has a marble (1)? Where do each of the marbles go?

Activity Part 1: Miss Flex-Toes 
Let's test our skills by going through this worksheet: Counting Higher than 31. It might be useful to use the binary cards.
  • What is the biggest number Miss Flexi-Toes can count up to using only her ten fingers and ten toes?

Encoding and Decoding Messages Worksheet

Activity Part 2: Adding Zeros
What happens if a zero is added to the end of a binary number? Try it out on this worksheet: More on Binary Numbers.

More on Binary Numbers orksheet

Lesson 3.5 Wrap Up:
  • What did you learn today?
  • Why do you think binary is important (or not important)?
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