Lesson 2-2: Build Your Own Maze

Learning Objectives:
Mazes are the foundation of the majority of video game levels. The layout can be represented dimensionally, similarly to the mazes that you created.
  • Students will comfortably create new costumes for start, end, and sprite.
  • Students will make mazes and backdrops in Scratch using the paint tool.

Do Now:

YouTube Video


YouTube Video


Activity Part 1

Activity Part 2

Select "sprite" and then click on the "Costumes" tab at the top of the screen.  From here you can either use a premade sprite (the first icon under "Necostume:"), paint your own sprite (second icon), or upload one from you computer (third icon). 

  • These are the paint tools (if you can't see them click "convert to bitmap mode"

  • Make a new costume for "sprite", "start", and "end".
  • Feel free to click and drag the sprites to new squares on the grid.  When you click "Reset" (under More Blocks in the Scripts tab), sprite will go to the start.

Activity Part 3
  • Select "Stage" on the left of your screen and click on the tab labeled "Backdrops".
  • Using the paint bucket tool, color some of the squares black to create walls for the maze.
  • Feel free to color the rest of squares any other color besides black to create a unique background.

  • By creating your own sprites and background, you can create a unique puzzle that you can save on Scratch and share with others.
  • These coloring skills will apply to any maze that you build in Scratch using these templates.